Madagascar leads the world, as the first country to invent anti-COVID-19 drug

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Madagascar is a nation with a land mass of 587,041 square kilometers with a population of over 27 million people.

Had it’s first corona virus cases on March 23rd with a total number of 9 confirmed cases in its first day.

That looks like a looming danger to the citizens, which spawned fear across every nook and cranny of the nation.

Over a period of a month from 23rd March to April 23, the cases came in randomly till they had recorded a total of 121 confirmed cases with the last case on 19th April.

Over this period they have resorted to searching several possible ways to treating the infected persons and recording gradual number of recoveries up to date.

In general as at today 24th April, they have recorded a total of 58 recoveries and no single death has been recorded

Most importantly, it’s been 5 days now and no new cases have been recorded again in the country.

What exactly are they doing different?

Their president had recently declared that they have found both preventive and curative treatment for the virus.

And have declared it publicly with the president seen while tasting the syrup they have discovered from their research lab on their national TV.

Activities have returned to normalcy in Madagascar and school children to resume their various schools from Wednesday in the coming week.

The medicine which is called “Covid Organic” or “CVO” is made compulsory for the citizens, and to be given free to all school children and most vulnerable citizens while the wealthier fellows to purchase theirs.

And all the money that will be made from the sales of the medicine is to be pushed back into their science research institute. As a key factor for international acceptability, World Health Organisation’s approval will be the next thing to do.

The question on the lips of most Africans is, Could this be the end of coronavirus in Africa?


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