Tolulope Arotile: Ijumu, Okun, Kogi and Nigeria had lost a very young, not easily replaceable gallant soldier… Elder Olowodola

Kogi philanthropist and All Progressive Congress Leader, Elder Benjamin Olowodola has described late Tolulope Arotile as an irreplaceable gallant soldier and fighter, whose short sojourn on earth left indelible footprints in the history of the Nigeria Air force. 

This statement is contained in the condolence message he released as he received the shocking and tragic news on the demise of Tolulope, the first Nigerian Air force female fighter helicopter pilot who died in an auto crash at the Air force base in Kaduna, Kaduna State.

Elder Olowodola who referred to this amazon as one of the pride of Ijumu, Okunland, Kogi and Nigeria said the news of her excellent performance and her record breaking career and attainment in 2017, to have emerged the first Nigerian female fighter helicopter pilot, had not settled down than this tragic but devastating but painful and emotional news of her untimely exit, just three years after, is a matter that is beyond comprehension.

He says the news of her passing remains the most devastating occurrence in recent times as she was too young and too brilliant to have left so untimely and so tragically.

However our consolation rests in the fact that God giveth and God taketh away. I join all Okun sons and daughters to commiserate with her parents, immediate family members, Governor and people of Kogi State, The Nigeria Air Force and pray that her bright and great soul find rest at the bossom of her maker Olowodola says

The elderstatesman however called on the Federal Government and Kogi State Government to immortalise this fine soul as a means of encouraging young people to pursue excellence in their chosen career.


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