IMN replies, says El-Zakzaky’s rumoured death untrue

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The Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria The IMN has refuted rumours of the death of their leader Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky, whose health and that of his wife, Malama Zeenah, it said remains in critical condition in government custody.

Speaking for the IMN during a press conference in Abuja, Abdullahi Musa said a visit by his only surviving son, Mohammed, revealed that although the Sheikh and his wife are suffering from life-threatening health challenges as a result of multiple injuries sustained, the couple is still alive.

“This is what they need in earnest, not virulent rumour-mongering which is bad and unacceptable, particularly when spread by those in authority,” Abdullahi said.

“Though veracity of the rumour proved totally unfounded, it must have been peddled by evil and violence merchants for a malicious and mischievous purpose, for there is no smoke without fire. In this country of ours, those in power corridors have been found wanting time and again.

“The current health condition of Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife is seriously causing distress and worry. It is worth public attention as it continues to deteriorate. In defiance of court orders, they continue to hold the couple without the required medical or surgical treatment,” Abdullahi said.

On February 24, 2020, a Kaduna High Court affirmed that the couple were unfit to stand trial. Thereafter, an order was issued by Justice Gideon Kurada, directing the officials of the central prison in Kaduna to grant El-Zakzaky and his wife access to their doctors.

The order, however, remains disregarded.

Abdullahi condemned the government’s continuous disregard for orders of their release by Justice Gabriel Kolawole since December 2, 2016.



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