FGNSSoN Holds Awareness Program in Abuja

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In view of the prevalent rate of female genital schistosomiasis, a pressure group known as female genital schistosomiasis society has held an awareness programe which is aimed at raising public awareness with a view to help curb its spread, the program which took place at the University of Abuja teaching hospital, gwagwalada on Wednesday 30th march 2022 marked the beginning of a journey to creating voluntary advocacy that seeks to help victims of the disease and prevent its spread.


According to the first lecture titled Female Genital Schistosomiasis (FGN), The Gap by guest lecturer, Dr Opeyemi Daniel ( consultant in WHO, public health physician and author) and second lecture titled The present and prospect by Dr Rabiu Ibrahim, the President of the newly created FGSSoN.

They society emphasized on the FGN being a parasitic disease caused by Schistosomahaebium, which is mostly present in sub-sahara Africa.


According to research, It is a water borne disease which is aided to spread through lack of good hygiene and contaminated/dirty water also aid in spreading the disease .


the disease which out of ignorance have become increasingly prevalent, neglected due to misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis because of symptoms like virginal itching, bleeding ,which is related to STI, unitary tract infection commonly popular in women more than men. In view of the limited knowledge about thiis, its educational studies have because impossible a academic curriculum for nursing and medical educational curriculum.


Therefore, The FGNSSoN has begun to raise awareness around states by taking the message to teaching hospitals, health care centers , schools , also creating WhatsApp groups to reach out to more people in the health and education sector.


There are also plans to reach out to people at the primary level which is the local government areas in which women and girls in that area are likely to get infected due to poor hygiene and lack of resources if adequate awareness is not immediately given.


According to the society President, Dr Rabiu Ibrahim, Government at all levels including Federal Government, NGOs and other organizations are required to assist in creating more awareness to curb the negative impacts of the disease, its long stay in body of a carrier according to experts if not treated leads can potentially infertility, HIV/AIDS, STI , also death.


The event ended with the unveiling of the society Logo, launched by the first female vice president of the society,Dr Hameedat omoyele Abdusalam.


Goodwill messages from various doctors and closing remarks was done by the secretary general of the FGNSSoN, Dr Abdullahi onimisi Ajayi.


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