COVID-19 LOCKDOWN: Nigeria Medical Association demands extension of lockdown to curb spread of COVID-19

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As the Presidential order on lockdown occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic comes to an end, the Nigeria Medical Association has called on the Federal Government to extend to lockdown again in order to be able to curb the escalating spread of the virus. NMA says its position for extension is in good faith and in the national interests. Meanwhile the Nigeria Chambers of commerce, industry and Agriculture and other stakeholders in the economy have objected to any extension in the interest of the economy of Nigeria, the stakeholders says government should consider the option of partial lockdown for economic rejuvenation.

NMA says that with the “geometric” rise in the number of cases recorded across the country daily, people should not see the lockdown as a punishment but a necessary measure to contain the spread of the deadly virus. It, however, stressed the need for fair distribution of the palliatives to cushion the hardship the restriction had caused Nigerians.

It will be recalled that a Presidential order for total lockdown was announced on the 29th March and a two weeks extension was announced after the first extension elapsed. Nigerians have been reacting negatively to the extension order, many of them have identified hunger, low purchasing power and poor electricity supply as the major challenges Nigerians have


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