Reminiscence about life and death.Why do we celebrate the dead more than the living?By: Amoyedo McVic


In recent times I’ve lost numbers of friends, unfortunately I got to know some of this incidence through Facebook, the painful aspect of it is that some of the lost souls are good friends that we share great attributes together, only discover that for no reason we stop communication.

Though, I lost a lot of my contacts last year when my phone crashed, notwithstanding the rise in social networking around the globe, nobody should give excuse for not being able in reaching out to a loved one.

A lot of people are on our contact list but we didn’t reach out to them in years, even though they may have one challenge or another, but the moment they dies, we write epistles about their life. After the burial of such person, they are left with their immediate family.

Many people are facing serious health and financial challenges while alive that words of encouragement and little assistance can sustain them but no friend or family will be available, the moment they announced their passage, people will hit the net writing about such person why?

We must learn to celebrate the living and honour the dead, because the dead cannot appreciate sacrifice made but the living.

How many people are on your contact list that you have not spoken with for the past one year? Forget your power, position, connection, wealth, and money. Feel challenge today, pick your phone call and know peoples welfare.

The world we live today is no respecter of anybody, look at the pandemic ravaging the world, no scientists can find concrete solution and even define a lasting solution. Even the rich around the globe cannot influence anything. The whole world is on standstill. What next?

We always mourn the dead, what efforts are we making to celebrate the living among us? If you are alive today change your mindset celebrate, support and reach out to the living around you so that the world can be a better place.

People should start asking this question… What is the purpose of my life?

Some people purpose will include:
Personal fulfilment or peace of mind.
Happiness and Ambition.
Wealth and Power.
Family and very Successful Career.
I put it like this, our main purpose must begin with God.
After God, I think we should start with humanity. Remember life itself is but for awhile. How many people can live above One hundred years in good health? Then subtract your present age from One hundred, your guess is as good as mine.

We should therefore leave our purpose to serve God and humanity. Anything aside this, is vanity.

Let us learn in celebrating the living than the dead. The world is but for awhile.


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