POWER SECTOR: Review terms of engagement with TCN,DISCOs and sack them now, activists tells government, as TCN/DISCOs accuse each other of incompetence

Report by Olugbemi Raymond

In view of the ongoing undeniable cold war between the Transmission Company of Nigeria(TCN) and the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC), activists have advised government to disengage DISCOs and TCN for open admittance of incompetence, as it has capacity to derail the sector and instigate electricity availability crisis at a critical time on global pandemic. Our correspondent reports that the crisis arising from obvious incompetence in the discharge of duty and dearth of competent expertise on the part of both organisations as contained in the well circulated memo and rejoinder recently exchanged by the organisations.

The Transition Company of Nigeria had earlier in a short memo directly accused Abuja Electricity Distribution Company of organizational incompetence in electricity distribution, a situation it says may damage electricity infrastructure in Nigeria. In a letter duly signed by one Mrs Ndidi Mba, General Manager, Corporate Service of the Transmission Company of Nigeria, the company accused the AEDC of lacking in distribution capacity and called for immediate capitalization of the distribution company to avoid a system collapse in the distribution value chain.

In a swift reaction following the verbal assault, the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company has reacted and accused TCN as the most lacking in expertise and competence within the electricity value chain. The Abuja Electricity Distribution Company further said that the TCN has a tendency to see problem of electricity in Nigeria from one perspective and has not addressed its own technical and expertise challenge. The company obviously is not comfortable with the capitalization idea and encourage the TCN to concentrate on attending to its challenges that affects the smooth operations of electricity distribution in Nigeria.

Meanwhile stakeholders in the electricity availability advocacy have condemned the two companies for being insensitive to the plight of Nigerians on the poor electricity provision despite huge rates the people are made to pay. Kingsley Ikegwu, Head Electricity Access to All, made the statement while reacting to the official exchange of words. Mr Kingsley says the docility of Nigerians on the wicked perpetuation of incompetence, failure and cheat by the power sector stakeholders is what gave the companies audacity to drop civility and decorum and resort to open confrontation when Nigerians are losing their businesses everyday owing to their failure. He says the collaboration of the regulators in government has also emboldened the stakeholders to leave sensitive matter and resort to professional misconduct and absence of organizational maturity that causes the display of shamelessness in the public.

In another reaction, Teju Imade, Power Sector critic has called on the relevant government agencies to review the condition of transfer of electricity infrastructure to incompetent hands immediately. He says the two letter of engagement from the most important stakeholders in the electricity industry is an open admittance of gross incompetence, lack of capacity and it portend a huge danger to the economy of the nation. He says the federal government must immediately review the terms of engagement and disengage the organisations on the ground of gross incompetence as well expressed in their letters


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