By Johnson Babajide

Many men of God have truly been a blessing to our generation. God has blessed this nation will great and powerful men who have paid the price of alignment

Despite divine direction as a major key to connecting to a spiritual covering or Father. I have watched and consistently seen genuine and exciting reasons to follow Pastor JT Aboyeji. Among many reasons are:-

1. He loves God.

This is very important in following or submitting to any man of God. A man that loves God will infest you with the same virus. Papa loves God, He reminded us today in his online message to that we should love God . He always say it “I love God”. Not just in his speech alone but also in his actions. He made me to love God.
Many men are in ministry for fame and money. But this man does not play with his quite time and intimacy with the holy spirit. That is the secret behind his exploits.

2. He loves the body.

I have Seen and heard some Men of God who preached to Dishonour the body of Christ. They insult fathers, bring confusion and raise rebels as followers.
Papa taught me to always respect and honour all Men of God Irrespective of their denominations. He taught me never to speak evil about any pastor.

Pastor JT Abiyeji I know will never speak against any church or any pastor. I have watched him closely and have chosen this part. He love the body of Christ. That’s why he could preach the gospel of God in any church he’s invited to without discrimination.

3. He is a balanced teacher of the word.

Pastor JT Aboyeji. I make bold to say is one of the most balance teacher of the word of God globally. His teaching cut across Success, career, relationship, emotional, financial and spiritual intelligence, excellence, kingdom, wisdom, greatness etc.

He teaches about the person of Christ, the holy spirit and still teaches you the principles of Christ. You can not be under this man and not Excel in every area of your life.

My life has move upward and forward since I met him. What a man that feed you with the core message of Hope, Possibilities and Assurance.

4. He understands honor and is very humble.

If you know Pastor JT Aboyeji you will agree with me that he’s one of the men that God is mightily using to liberate this generation. One of the most preferred preacher in this time. Despite his fame, he is still humble. He honour and respect all men. I mean all men, I was telling someone the other day that if you want to see the true demonstration of Jesus kind of humility come let me show you a man that is his replica on earth.
What a man. He understoods the mystery of honour and Humility.

5. He carries God presence.

No doubt. Pastor JT Aboyeji is a carrier of God’s presence. I could feel it whenever I have the opportunity of been with him. The presence of God with him has birthed many miracles in my life. Testimonies of healings, delieverances, breakthroughs, favours and blessings from many people I know who came in contact with him is enough to discern the presence of God in his life.

6. He is a graced man, his life has so many results.
He has grace Of teaching, preaching, prophecy, speedy accomplishment etc. He doesn’t believe in impossibilities. No abandoned project. Things prospers in his hands.

7. He love me and my family.

Everytime I am opportuned to speak with him. He will always ask of my well being and that of my family. He always pray for us. He is always willing and ready to bless us. What a father! what a covering! He told me, ” You can not fail because you are connect to me”. What a father!

8. He will never do anything without God’s approval.

He is a man that is lead by the spirit. Part of what I learned from him is never to do anything without God’s approval. If God sends you, he will take care of the logistics…..but by strength shall no man prevail.

9. He is principled, Fit, Handsome and wealthy.

Who would not want a father like him.

I love you sir.
My wife and family loves you.
We honour you.
We treasure every minute of listening to you.
Thanks for your fatherly role in our lives.

I celebrate grace sir.
You are great sir.


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