HAVE YOU HEARD FROM ‘’Yahaya Bello’’ OF KOGI STATE LATELY? By Rachael Moji Balogun

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Now, the very major responsibility of any Governor, President or Local Government Chairman is ensure the safety of his or her citizens, the role Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello played very well recently when officials from NCDC visited the state.

Now, as a responsible and responsive Governor, Yahaya Bello took it upon himself to make sure that no external forces or individuals are able to bring Covid-19 to the state through the backdoor in the name of testing or whatever name it is called.

So, when the officials came to Kogi, the Governor insisted that before they could carry out any test on the citizens of the state, they, THE NCDC OFFICIALS must first, subject themselves to TESTS and ISOLATION FOR 14 DAYS, to be sure they are not the ones hiding THE MEAT EVERYONE IS LOOKING FOR and now want to use style to drop it back somewhere under the disguise that they have found it.

It would not be heard of, that a doctor comes to treat you Malaria and leaves you with both Cancer, Kidney Failire, HIV and DEATH.

Therefore, the proper thing to do would be to make sure that the doctor himself is in good health before administering any medication on you.

You may interpret this whichever way that catches your fancy, but here, I am behind Yahaya Bello 100%, for he did the right thing by insisting that these officials of NCDC must submit themselves to be tested and isolated, after-all, the Chinese people the Minister of Health, Mr. Osagie Ehanire brought to Nigeria were tested and isolated when they arrived, so, those sent to Kogi State by FG through NCDC must go through same process.

I salute Yahaya Bello for standing up for his people, BEFORE SOMEBODY WILL BE INSIDE THE POOL AND SOAP WILL ENTER HIS EYES.

NB: For your information, when the governor insisted the NCDC officials must go through tests and isolation, they ran away, that either they actually want to give them the virus, or ……! COMPLETE IT.
Hate GYB or not, he’s doing it better!


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