Ogun Police Announce Recovery of Stolen Vehicles, Call For Identification, Claim

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The Ogun State Police Command has advised the public especially those who lost their vehicles /motorcycles to thieves or abandoned to report at Ewekoro/SMTD/Ayetoro Divisions for identification and claims.

One unregistered Merceden Benz R50;. .Toyota Space Bus.reg Mus 200 Dz; .unregistered Mazda 626 Car; .Volkswagon Bus Reg Epe 869 X; .Suzuki mini bus Reg LSD 800 XT; .unregistered Lancer Car and.unregistered Mazda 323 Car.

Motorcycles: .Red Honda M/C Reg Ttd 189 Ws.; Bajaj M/C Reg JGB 355 Qb; .Suzuki M/C Unregistered.

Suzuki M/C Reg Qt296 EKY; .Bajaj M/C Reg WDE 121 WP; .Bajaj M/C Reg KNN 356 Vl; .Bajaj M/C Reg Ka 873 W; .Bajaj M/C Reg Ded 151 WK; .Bajaj M/C Reg MEK 702 VX; .Suzuki M/C Reg CD 119 TUT; . Ayetoro Division: M/Cs.Bajaj M/C Reg Ded 429 VJ; .Bajaj M/C Reg AAB 740 VW.; .Bajaj unregistered .Bajaj M/C Unregistered; . .Bajaj M/C unregistered.

SMTD Division vehicles. .Toyota Camry Reg Mus 137 ES. .Bongo Mazda Wagon Bus unregistered. .Mitsubishi Car AAB 267 AA; .Toyota Avensis unregistered; . .Ford Bus P/Up Reg KSF 659 CY. Triunm M/C unregisterd;. .Lifan C.g125 Reg KNN 017 QB.

One Honda Motorcycle with reg. no AYE 306 QC; .One Qlink M/C Reg KJA 930 QB; . One Lifan M/C Reg QT 648 FKL; One Jincheng M/C Unregistered; . One Suzuki M/C Reg 725 LSD; . One Bajaj M/C Reg JGB 616 WF; . One Bajaj M/C Reg QL 614 MUS; . 15 One Boxer M/C unregistered;. One Bajaj M/C Unreg; One Bajaj M/C Reg KNN 444 VL; . One Lifan M/C Reg Ql 691 AKM; . One LIFAN M/C Reg QP 103 EKY; . One Bajaj M/C Reg WDE 043 VX; . One Bajaj M/C unregistered, a statement by DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi. Police Public Relations Officer has said


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