Kabba Development Union Leader Backs Stay-at-home Order in Town 

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As Kogi State Government makes efforts to ensure her people are protected from the novel coronavirus, the President General Kabba Development Union, Emmanuel Ajibero has commended the government’s decision to declare a lockdown in the town. 

While maintaining that the benedits of the move will be reaped soon, he stated that the lockdown is in line with standard practice to ensure the virus is not spread.

In a release made available to SGTV on Wednesday, Mr. Emmanuel also said a period like this is not a time to trade blames, adding that all stakeholders have acted well, including the Ejibunus, family of the suspected case.

“It is on this note that I call on the state Government to ensure the process that has been commenced is fully implemented in all its ramifications – the tracing and testing of contacts, distribution of palliatives, fumigation of suspected areas and so on. All these must be pursued with open mindedness by all the stakeholders.

“To my dear people of Kabba, let’s be united in going through this process. We are not alone in this, and it will definitely not consume us. Let’s take it a day at a time. Refuse to be unnecessarily worked -up. Let’s be our brothers’ keeper. The stay at home period can be productively utilized for many important and beneficial activities – those things we have always wanted to do around our houses which hitherto have not been possible mainly due to our living style” the statement read.

Mr. Emmanuel also appealed to the government, corporate bodies and individuals to make available palliatives to the vulnerable in the society at a time like this to help cushion the effects of the lockdown in the community.


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