Iluke-Abugi-Eggan Road Project attracted by Sen. Adeyemi not Dino Melaye — Hamza Uba

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A member of Senator Smart Adeyemi media team, Hamza Uba has dispelled insinuations that the Iluke-Abugi-Eggan Road Project recently approved by the federal government was attracted by the former senator for Kogi West, Dino Melaye.

Uba expressed regret that one Mr. Richard Akanmode has been at the forefront of misinforming the public into believing that the former federal lawmaker was responsible for approval of construction of the Kogi road.

In a release on Saturday, Uba insisted that the current senator representing the Kogi West, Sen. Smart Adeyemi single-handedly attracted the project with the assistance of the state governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello without any input from Dino Melaye.

Uba insisted that the project was in line with the campaign promises of the journalist turned politician while he was seeking for the votes of the people of Kogi West.

“Our attention has been drawn by one Mr Richard Akanmode on his reaction towards the approval of the federal government in the construction of Iluke-Abugi-Eggan road, wholeheartedly facilitated by our principal Distinguished Sen. Smart Adeyemi(CON)

“It is highly misleading and quiet unfortunate for anyone to give credit to the former Senator representing the Senatorial district. Mr Richard Akanmode got it wrong, although he is entitled to his opinion, those who are also sharing the post are entitled to their bias. For the sake of those that may not know the actual truth of the state of the matter, that we took it to ourselves to make these rejionder. we know we can’t teach everyone comprehension and everyone is entitled to whatsoever he/she chooses to believe.

“We call on Mr Richard Akanmode to desist from such as act if he want to settle or score any Political point he should look elsewhere. It is unthinkable for anyone to say Dino Melaye is the one that facilitated that project.

“Distinguished Sen. Smart Adeyemi (CON) at his campaign made a promise in the palace of the emir of abugi that he is going to be the one to facilitate the project if elected, as it is a project that he looks forward to benefits him and his children in the future” he said.

He stated further that Senator Smart Adeyemi was reelected on a Saturday and got sworn in on Tuesday, describing it as one of the shortest period for an elected official to be sworn on, attributing it to the cordial relationship between Senator Adeyemi and the Senate leadership.

“Upon assumption of office Distinguished Senator Smart Adeyemi order all contractors to return back to site reason why Akanmode’s community borehole and some Roads were completed.

“When the Minister of works came to the national Assembly, Senator Smart Adeyemi meet him and table out the state of the road to the minister. The minister therefore exchange his contact with him that he should call him and remind him, they always Get in touch with the minister.

“Sen Dino Melaye was in the Senate for over 4 and half years, for each year there were budgets, so if all it takes is inserting a project into budget alleged by the author, then he should have done the road and many more when he was more or less the Deputy Senate President to the then Senate president Bukola Saraki.

“It may interest you all to also note that in the last 10 years, Nigeria has not done 50% budget performance, any garbage can be lumped into budget, but if you do not possess the character and attitude to get the attention of the Executive arm, it will continue to remain there, untouched. however, Some projects have been reoccurring in annual budgets for years, yet unattended to.

“Dino Melaye an antagonist of the president buhari led administration, There’s no way the federal government of Nigeria will grant Dino Melaye such Demand at this critical time.

“These project was approved as a results of the personal convictions they had in Sen. Smart Adeyemi (CON) in the way and manner he lobbied the project, infact the emir of abugi and the people called and appreciate him that he will forever be proud of him.

“If in this COVID-19 year, in which Nigeria is not likely to do 35% budget performance, such a project as the Iluke-Eggan-Kupa road could still be approved and contract awarded, the Kogi West needs to give a standing ovation and thank God for having a serious minded Senator in person of Distinguished Senator Smart Adeyemi, whose conduct, character and integrity is yielding positive results for our Senatorial District already, unlike before when the former Kogi West Senator continually constituted nuisance and a source of embarrassment with his unending and unabated display of childishness, area boy and jester-like attitudes” he concluded.


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