Hon. Segun Samuel Olobatoke: Personality Worthy of Emulation

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By Olugbemi Ojo Tina

I met you some couple of years back and ever since then, you have indeed been an outstanding personality. I lack words to describe you which accounts to why my message is coming as a belated birthday wishes.

Hon Segun Olobatoke, God has used you to transform, elevate, motivate, change, improve and catapult men and women, both the ones you know and the ones you don’t to their destined land. I pray that God in his infinite mercies shall continue to bless and uphold you now and forever sir.

I join thousands of your well wishers in bidding you prosperous years in a genuflect and resplendent manner.

As you celebrate your birthday, may you always find favour in all your endeavours, may your days often be a blessing to you and your generations.

Conclusively, I appreciate you for your support to me always. May God keep blessing you. You are a rare specie of human as exemplified in your personality.



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