Ex-Defence Perm Sec rejoins APC

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Former Defence Ministry Permanent Secretary Chief Mike Onoja and his supporters have now returned to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Benue state has been hit by a gale of defections from other political parties to APC, in spite of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) controlling the machinery of the State Government.

In 2018, Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom left APC for PDP, taking with him political big wigs from the state, affecting APC’s chances at the 2019 general elections.

However, there is growing disapproval of the led PDP administration in Benue

Chief Onoja’s top aide Agbo Akorche Simon, at a decamping ground in his Orokam Ward III, said “politics is a means to improve the lots of the majority. We have come with our support base to formally declare our defection from Social Democratic Party (SDP) to APC, to ensure we join hands together to sack what is left of the PDP in Benue, Zone C, Ogbadibo and Orokam Ward III.

“We have all been victims of mal-adminsitration ravaging the state like locust. We all have a role to play to correct the mistakes of 2019.”

Akorche tasked the people to question why a 21st century government could “fold her hands and tens of communitues are in darkness, no safe drinking water, comatosed local government and a moribond civil service.”

The struggle for a better Benue and Zone, according to Akorche is a constant thing and there is no resting until the desirable is achieved.

Speaking on behalf of Chief Mike Onoja Local Government Coordinators ,Paul Onjefu, said the beneficial impact of the APC government on the farming population has endeared him to the party.

“I choose to go with APC because its policies are viable and the people can feel them. Look at our rural population, which is predominantly farmers! Go to our villages now and see the level of development going on there. This is because farmers are enjoying the APC goverment’s local content development.

“And so, I belive that if I join forces with APC, our people will get more. We are impressed by the policies of the APC government and we want the party to continue in government.”

Onjefu implored adviced “those who are in smaller parties to collapse their strictures into APC, which is viable, strong and is committed to developing the country.”

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