You goofed on CAMA, clergy carpets CAN

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An educationist and clergyman Prof. David Bamgbose has berated the Christian Association of Nigeria’s (CAN) for not detecting the controversial sections in the 2020 Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) assented to by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Bamgbose, an Ogun- based clergyman, said the leadership of CAN failed for not having knowledge of CAMA 2020 until it scaled through the legislative processes only to start crying when it was already late.

The CAN had described the law as “unacceptable, ungodly, reprehensible and an ill-wind that blows no one any good.”

The association called on the Federal government to stop the implementation of the law until the religious institutions are exempted.

But the educationist, who is a Pastor at Peace and Love Church of God, Abeokuta, told reporters on Sunday, CAN failed in its duty as a watchdog of the Christians’ interest by not being vigilant enough in respect of the controversial clause.

He asked the leadership of CAN to accept its “ignorance” as a failure of responsibility to Christians.

“The church has never had it so bad. I am thoroughly disappointed,” Bamgbose said.

He described the law as an infringement on the rights of Christians, saying the action was capable of plunging the country into a religious crisis.

“Religious heat will be unbearable. It is unthinkable. I advise that whatever is the agenda of this government, it should step back on the issue of religion. It is the most sensitive. A good student of history will not do what the government is doing.

“People can die because of their religious beliefs. I, Bamgbose speaking, am ready for anything. I am saying my religion is my life. And that’s how most people feel about religion,” he said.

The cleric also called on Buhari to halt the implementation of the law in the interest of peace.

He asked the government to channel its efforts towards addressing challenges of unemployed Nigerians, poverty, economic crisis and other challenges confronting the nation.

“So, for the sake of peace…there are many things this government should pay attention to. There is unemployment, economic crisis, hunger; you left all these and pursuing the church?

“They should face those challenges and leave the church of Christ alone,” Bamgbose admonished.


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