US Visa ban: Group carpets PDP, says party master in electoral manipulations

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A civil society group, Progressives Media Organization (PMO) has berated the PDP, saying party needs not jubilate over the visa ban placed on certain Nigerians by the United States.

The US had recently announced a visa ban on some Nigerians said to have had a hand in undermining the fidelity of the country’s electoral process.

Although no names were enlisted by the US, PMO accuses the PDP of being master manipulators who are affected in the US Visa ban.

PMO further wondered why the PDP has resorted to what it called finger-pointing, maintaining that the country’s electoral system was grossly undermined under the PDP leadership.

The group in a statement issued on Wednesday by its National Publicity Secretary, Iorter Peter took a swipe at the PDP, wondering why a party it accused of inflating electoral figure could resort to accusing the APC of having a hand in manipulating electoral process in the country.

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The Progressives Media Organization (PMO) really finds it unnecessary to react to this absurdity – PDP’s naked dance over US Visa ban. PDP’s reaction to the US Visa ban is another example of the party’s obxonious relabelling strategy and propaganda.

Nevertheless, this rejoinder is simply appropriate, to provide facts while lies and cheap blackmail take flight.

Nigerians are not oblivious of identity of individuals who through Machiavellian means have continued to undermine our electoral process, in a desperate effort to phase out of existence our thriving democracy.

What we however find laughably and amusing is how the supposed opposition party, the PDP has mustered temerity and effontery to engage in finger-pointing whenever issues of credibility in elections are talked about.

From all indications, the PDP is struggling to make itself relevance in national affairs after it has been routinely rejected following their catastrophic 16 years of profligacy, plunder and self-service.

Lest the party forgets, its 16 years of locust became further unpopular for its industrial scale corruption, election manipulation and rigging. It distinguished itself in electoral fraud, mandate stealing and massive rigging.

PMO wishes to prod the memory of yesterday’s ruling party to the open fact that its own chieftain and former Deputy Senate President, Ibrahim Mantu confessed to the world how the party has regaled in the game of mischievous manipulation of the people’s will for years.

It is also on record that our country experienced the darkest days in the electoral management right under the PDP’s nose where the magic of fraud allowed them to churn out figures of imaginary electorate that far outweighs the total number of registered voters.

We must remind the PDP that the fidelity of electoral process was grossly compromised under them where names where written in hotel rooms and submitted to their unholy allies as winners.

For the avoidance of doubt, the PDP needs not continue feasting on its flesh over elections it fatally lost in Ekiti, Osun and Kogi, which have since been laid to rest by the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court and the victory of our candidates affirmed. The men of yesterday should stop licking their wounds over their rejection by Bayelsans in 2019, a state they have mindlessly raped since the return of democracy in 1999.

Nigerians expect that the PDP and its leadership desperately clutching to straw to remain afloat in the country’s political firmament should by now apologize to them for defiling their wills as expressed through the sanctity of the ballot system.

The recommendation for the prosecution of its accomplices in Akwa Ibom for electoral offences speaks volume to how much Nigerians have been deprived by the party’s penchant for maneuvery in our electoral system.

If anyone has the moral justification to hail the action of United States, it is not the rigging machine called PDP from whose hand President Muhammadu Buhari rescued our hard-earned democracy from imminent collapse.

The era of shameless lies and propaganda by the PDP and its alm-seeking, attention-starved media handlers is now a thing of the past. Our people are wiser and will not be fooled by the gloating of the master riggers.

Just in case they are craving for a talking point, our team of thoroughbred professionals can raise talking points that border on the infrastructural renewal our nation, currently enjoys across board. We can keep them busy with the massive investment in agriculture that has fostered food security in the country. If they are in frantic search for issues to talk about, the bloody nose this administration has given corruption, a creation of the PDP is there to talk about. PDP should revisit its drawing board, if it has any before playing the role of opposition. It is obvious they lack the rudiments.

Lastly, PMO will continue to support the federal government under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari in its avowed commitment to sanitise our electoral system and create an enabling environment that could make the people’s vote count.


Peter Iorter
National Publicity Secretary


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