Thousands illegal entry points reason for security concern in Nigeria — Sir Udensi

The INTERPOL systems consultant in Nigeria, Sir Chikwe Udensi has said the multiple illegal entry points into the country numbering about 1500 is a reason for security concern.

He also stated that an Interpol security research of the Nigerian borders reveals that the country has 5 major land borders, 28 minor entry borders which he said has continued to escalate security concerns in.

Addressing newsmen in Abuja recently, the security experts said the order by President Muhammadu Buhari for the closure of borders will not make meaningful impact in mitigating security challenges bedevilling the country.

“Unfortunately we have close to a thousand and five hundred illegal entry points. So if the government says they should close the borders, which borders are they closing? The ones they are in control of or the ones miscreants are in control of?

“Over a thousand illegal entry points creates enormous sense of concern for security. You are talking of people coming into the country without knowing whom they are, without being properly registered, without being properly screened especially when you consider that Interpol systems are systems of wanted persons around the world, people who are know to be pedophiles, child abusers, and those who are wanted around the world, with their fingerprints, DNAs and names out there. That is where the problem lies” he said.

He emphasised that lack of necessary tools to aid crime fighting has continued to undermine the country’s efforts, adding that the effectiveness of the security agencies lies heavily on the availability of modern tools for crime fighting.

Sir Udensi blamed those in positions of authority for lack of willingness to equip the security agencies for effective service delivery.

“If we must compare ourselves with our neighbours, they have better tools. Chad, you can see how they are fighting the insurgency war. Even Niger Republic, you can see how determined they are in fighting crime.

“So it has to do with the political will and capacity of the leaders to be determined to ensure that crime is fought” he added.

He called on leaders across the country to begin to muster courage in the pursuit of goals that will enhance the welfare of the people particularly in keeping them safe.


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