Kogi State Traditional Council tussle : A Disclaimer

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The attention of HRM – the Obaro of Kabba has been drawn to a publication making rounds in the social media to the effect that the Obaro of Kabba is clamouring to be considered for appointment as the chairman of Kogi State Traditional Council.
While we do not begrudge anyone from making intellectual forays into the esoteric history of the nuances of traditional rulership in the State ,it becomes curious or even mischievous when coming hot on the heels of the recent appointment of a new Ag. Chairman of the State Traditional Council – as if the decision of the Executive Governor is being questioned.
For the avoidance of doubt ,HRM the Obaro of Kabba hereby makes it abundantly clear that he has not granted any press interview on the subject matter, neither has he discussed or deliberated on the matter at any fora either explicitly or surreptitiously.
HRM therefore distances himself from this gratuitous and distracting clamour for superiority.
The right of the Executive Governor to exercise his constitutional power should be respected and accepted by all.

High chief Joseph Ojo Oshagbemi
Head Media Team
Obaro- in -Council.


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