Bobrisky advise for ladies in 2021

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At first we all thought Bobrisky was just sticking to beauty lifestyles, social media presence and his constant philanthropic roles, especially promising cash gifts to ladies he loves and supports; the male Barbie has now shown a new path he might be threading in the new year; a relationship counsellor.

As the year unveiled, the cross-dresser started posting briefs on what to do in relationships from her large ‘stream of experiences’.

Bobrisky in his recent video which was posted during the week, said girls should avoid men that would not send them money before asking for their phone numbers. She said it was high time ladies started to be with their types of men.

Bobrisky said: “Today’s class is very simple and short. If any guy wants your number this year, please push him your account number first. If he cannot send you money first, please let him move to the next girl, you don’t have time. If you want my type, please send me money. Most of you complain that a girl smells, because you are sending the money to the wrong girls. Send money to high class girls. So, this year, girls, look for money not time wasters.”


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