Presidency 2023;Young Nigerians in Diaspora drum support for Governor Yahaya Bello

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We will mobilise the diaspora for Governor Yahaya Bello to lead Nigeria…Young Nigerians abroad

As BELLO DIASPORA SUPPORT MOVEMENT holds World Press Conference in London


Although the Governor of Kogi State Alh. Yahaya Bello is yet to make his intentions known to contest the Presidency in 2023, several groups have continued to come out to demand for him to run for the highest political office in the land.

This is so as Young Nigerians in Europe, America, Asia and Australia have perfected plans and are ready to officially address a world press conference in London on Saturday 23rd January 2021 to kick off their international campaign and diplomatic engagement towards the realisation of the ambition.

Speaking on the proposed event in London, the international convener of the event Mr Akinmosun Kolawole, a British/Nigerian of Ondo state origin says their conviction to mobilise international support for Governor Yahaya Bello is based on three important thematic areas that appears to be the bane of development in Nigeria: Ethic bigotry and proclivity, Security and Youth and Women Inclusiveness in governance. He says their group have made painstaking efforts to conduct critical appraisals of Nigerian leaders in these areas and have found Governor Yahaya Bello to be resolute, uncompromising and determined in these areas.

*As Nigerians in diaspora, we are gravely concerned about development in our homeland, this strength of patriotism has led us to conduct sound appraisals of leaders in our country as regards the 2023 Presidential elections and we’ve come to a conclusion that the next President of Nigeria must be a Youth who is committed to bringing young people to centre stage of government. We also considered security as a great challenge to economic and national development hence the need for a President who is uncompromising, resolute and determined on issues of security cannot be over emphasised. Our forum also looked into ethnic bigotry and proclivity as a huge challenge to unity and national cohesion which has created highest level of suspension amongst the various ethnic groups in the county, hence the need for a President who will unify the nation and in all of these, records are clear to show that Governor Yahaya Bello have scored an A in all these areas in Kogi State and has the potential to replicate same in the country* Akinmosun says

On his path, the Co-Convener and Asia/Australia coordinator, Mr Tosho Olaoluwa who lives in Sheyang City of Laioning Province says Governor Yahaya Bello’s audacity, courage and disdain for ethnic proclivity, religious bigotry and penchant for women and youth Inclusiveness in governance of Kogi state is one that is needed at the national scene to bring Nigeria on the path of development and progress. Mr Tosho says the yet to be inaugurated *BELLO DIASPORA SUPPORT MOVEMENT* will not only conduct international campaign and diplomatic engagement towards the realisation of the ambition, but will go a step further to mobilise resources across the globe for the project.

  1. The inaugural press conference has been scheduled to take place on Saturday 23rd January, 2021 at 26a ,
    Catford Broadway,
    London, United Kingdom.
    SE6 4SN by 2pm London time, while other participants outside Europe are expected to join and make presentations via zoom. The programme also will have Pharm Jamiu Abdulkareem Asuku, Chief of Staff to the Governor as the Special Guest of honor and Hon Olabode Adeyemi, Senior Special Assistant to Governor Yahaya Bello on Political Matters as a Guest of honour.

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