I was targeted for arrest with Sunday Igboho — Gani Adams

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Aare Onakakanfo of Yorubaland Gani Adams on Tuesday claimed security operatives were not just after Yoruba activist Sunday Adeyemo popularly called Sunday Igboho but much more him for political reasons.

Gani Adams said: “It was not only Sunday Igboho that security operatives targeted for arrest, I was the number one person for arrest, I was targeted for some political reasons.”

He noted that some politicians have infiltrated the struggle despite the genuine concerns by Sunday Igboho to fight for his people.

He said: “The same people who attacked and condemned us in 2015 using social media are now coming to portray themselves as activist to use Sunday Igboho.

“Now, we woke up to hear his (Sunday) house got burnt. Who are the people that went to burn Sunday Igboho house and not in the forest?

“The issue with Sunday Igboho’s braveness now is that he has been used to destroy some political enemies.”

When asked if he and Sunday Igboho have spoken in connection with the plight of Yourbas on criminal herdsmen, he said: “I have only met Sunday Igboho once and that was at a function. The other times we spoke were on phone.

“I started this struggle when I was 23 years, OPC was not even formed then, I risked everything for Yorubaland. I didn’t surrender … how can Sunday Igboho use his bravery of one day to destroy somebody who has been in struggle for 28 years?

“Yoruba always destroy their warriors in the end. You know what happened to Abiola now even as the 14th Aare of Yoruba land.”


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