Nigerians Mourn Doctor Killed In Abuja-Kaduna Train Attack

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Chinelo Megafu, who died from injuries sustained during the terror attack on the Abuja-Kaduna train late Monday.

Chinelo had tweeted during the attack, saying she had been shot and asked for prayers.

She tweeted, “I’m on the train. I have been shot. Please pray for me.”

A colleague of hers, Dr Michael Ajidahun better known as The Bearded Dr Sina on Twitter shared the sad news of her death.

He said, “My friend just woke up to losing a close friend who was shot at the Abuja Kaduna train incident by terrorists. She tweeted yesterday that we should pray for her. Sadly she didn’t make it. She was a Doctor. Nigeria why…I’m heartbroken.”

He said, “She studied Dentistry. She was travelling in the Abuja-Kaduna train and had tweeted that she had been shot but some people thought she was tweeting for clout. 

“A mutual friend, who is a doctor at the hospital where she was taken to confirmed she had died this morning.”

Dr Megafu, a Dental Surgeon, graduated from the University Of Port Harcourt in 2016.


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